bringing this back because it’s creepy yet funny and still no one can figure out what goes on in cristiano’s head

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It’s amazing that David Beckham can travel to China, take a spill while interacting with soccer fans, and still look good while doing it.

Is he the best athletic ambassador the U.S. has had in the East, or has Dennis Rodman already claimed that title?

Nike’s Futbol tshirt — any takers?

Shakira and Pique with their little FC Barca fan Milan!

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The legend himself, Ronaldo, has lost over 40 pounds thanks to Brazil’s Celebrity Fit Club…WOW. 

David Beckham landed at 11:00 am at Valencia airport. He will meet his new team mates during lunch before watching tonight’s game in the Mestalla stadium stands.


Who is most deserving of all of the money that I, Zlatan, am paid? The answer is Zlatan. The children of Paris are not leading Ligue 1 in goals this season. I am. I have 20 goals. The next best players have 12. Twelve! If anything, the children of Paris should be giving me even more money for having the privilege of being in the same city as my incredible quality. And so should David Beckham. Call it a Zlaritable donation

Can you really ever have enough David Beckham in your life? 

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